October 05, 2017

It´s early October, but Holiday season and Christmas is comming very quickly. 

Start your preparations now. Give Christmas presents you will be remembered for. 

Music design products that are not for sale elsewhere than on

Are you a musician, or do you have musicians in family or among your friends?. Our products will surely be appreciated and remembered.

Maybe you just think our music products are incredibly cool and just  want them. Do it. Shop now. 

We here at Oompah is incredibly proud of our products and we promote them wherever we go. More and more musicians and music lovers around the world are now walking in our shoes and sleeping in our bedding sets. Whering our T-shirts and Hoodies. 

What is so special about our products?

We hand made them for you one by one as we get  in orders. We have no storage where the products lie and collect dust. You will allways have new produced product shipped to your mailing box.  Therefore it takes a llittle bit longer time than others from orderdate to delivery date, but we guarantee high quality products hande made specially for you. 


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